EI-G600 Advanced Shoes X-ray Scanner


EI-G600 was specially designed and produced for the manufactures such as Shoes & hats factory, garment factory, leather factory and so on.

EI-G600 can set up the accounts and the administrative permissions base on the customers’ needs. Its high conveyor speed (0.3m/s) and unique image scrolling displays technique allows the operators to have a complete understanding about the products and rule out the defective products quickly and precisely.

1. High-precision X-ray detector, making the image more clearly

2. With the world leading pure digital, large scale analog components realize high-speed parallel data acquisition

3. Small tunnel design, including the operator rights management, real time status information, reports and other user-friendly configuration, the overall aesthetic and practical device

4. Advanced image processing platform, providing  strong functions to operator

5. Meet all the applicable laws and regulations with respectable X-ray emitting devices

6. Penetration, resolution and other key technical specifications have reached or exceeded the national standard GB15208-2005

7. For public places conference, government offices and other important places.

General Specification

Tunnel size 505mm(w)*305mm(H)
Conveyor Speed 0.2m/s
Conveyor Height 730mm
Max. load 160kg
Display Colorful, Black and white
Anode Voltage 80KV
Beam Direction from the bottom
Resolution 1280*1024



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