Pen Type Vibration Meter TIME®7120/7122/7126 (TV200/220/260)

TIME Vibration Tester 7120/7122/7126 (TV200/220/260) can quickly monitor the vibration status of machine tools.



TIME Vibration Tester 7120/7122/7126 (TV200/220/260) can quickly monitor the vibration status of machine tools.
Features● Prompt testing of vibration on the workshop machines and fast flaw detection of motor, electric fan, pump, compressor and machine tools to guard against mechanical malfunction

● Quick checking of unbalance misalignment, bearings and gears

● Light-weight Compact size with only bottom

● Low energy consumption, keep working for more than 4.5 hours continuously.

● Auto power off

● TIME®7120 for velocity testing

● TIME®7122 for displacement testing

● TIME®7126 for testing of acceleration, velocity and displacement



Standard Delivery
Main unit 1
Battery 2
Protection pocket 1
TIME certificate 1
Warranty card 1
Instruction manual 1


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