Pickup for TIME®3230/3231/3233 Roughness Tester

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Optional transducers for TIME323X series roughness testers


Standard Pickup (TIME S230)

This is the standard stylus without skid. It can easily test narrow space like grooves in piston ring. The roughness measurement of the piston ring groove is a common requirement. But the groove is so narrow that skidded stylus cannot perform the measurement. In this case, the skidless measurement of TIME3231 provides an ideal solution.

The surface measurement is not limited to roughness parameters. In the measurement of the scratches, the pickup is expected to rotate 90 degrees and skips along the arc. TIME®3231, with high resolutions and good straightness, achieves the breakthrough to access the profile information of small scratches.

U/V Pickup (TIME S230U/S230V)

For the roughness measurement of the U, V-shaped edge of the impact specimen, we have the specially extended and reduced U, V stylus.

U Pickup (TIME S230U)

V Pickup(TIME S230V)

TIME S231 Pickup

This is a 120 degree oblique angle stylus, especially suitable for the measurement from root of tooth surface.

Pen-tip Pickup (TIME S232)

For the measurement of small holes, the specially made pen-tip stylus is available, with the maximum diameter only Ф1.3mm.

TIME S232 can also be applied for long and narrow spaces such as narrow tooth surface and grooves in piston ring.



TIME S233 Pickup for Deep Groove (10 mm)


TIME S236 Pickup for Deep Groove (20 mm)

TIME S238 Pickup for Deep Groove (30 mm)

TIME S239 pickup

This kind of deep bottom stylus is dedicated to meet the requirements of deep down probing, up to 40mm.

Blade Type Stylus

When measuring extremely thin rods, the blade type stylus ensures that the tip is always in contact with the highest point of the measured rod during the measurement, ie, always measures along the same busbar, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the measurement, which the common conical tip cannot guarantee.


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