COF-P01 Inclined Surface Coefficient Of Friction Tester


  • The instrument is professionally applicable to the determination of static coefficients of friction of specimens on the inclined surface
  • The functions of freely changeable angular velocity and automatic plane reset support combinations of non-standard test conditions
  • The sliding plane and the sled are treated by degaussing and remanence detection which effectively reduce the system errors
  • The instrument is controlled by micro-computer with LCD, PVC operation panel and menu interface, which is convenient for customers to test or view the test data
  • Equipped with micro-printer and RS232 port for convenient PC connection and data transfer
  • Supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for uniform and systematic data management


This instrument conforms to the following standards:
ASTM D202, ASTM D4918, TAPPI T815


The instrument is applicable to the determination of static coefficients of friction of:

Basic Applications
  • Films
    Including plastic films and sheets, e.g. PE, PP, PET, single or multi-layer composite films and other packaging materials for food and drugs
  • Paper and Paperboard
    Including paper and paper board, e.g. various paper and composite printing products of paper, aluminum and plastic
Extended Applications
  • Aluminum and Silicon Sheets
    Including aluminum sheets and silicon sheets
  • Textiles and Nonwovens
    Including textiles and nonwovens, e.g. woven bags


Technical Specifications

Angle Range0° ~ 85°
Angular Velocity0.1°/s ~ 10.0°/s
Specifications of Sled1300 g (standard)
235 g (optional)
200 g (optional)
Customization is available for other masses
Ambient ConditionsTemperature: 23±2°C
Humidity: 20%RH ~ 70%RH
Instrument Dimension440 mm (L) x 305 mm (W) x 200 mm (H)
Power Supply220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz
Net Weight20 kg


Standard Configurations
Instrument, Micro Printer and Sled of 1300g
Optional Parts
Professional Software, Communication Cable, Sled of 235g, Sled of 200g and Customized Sled


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