Primary Adhesive Tester (ChP) CZY-GY Labthink

Alat Uji Perekat, Alat Pengujian Perekat, Alat Uji Lasting Adhesive, Instrumen ini dikendalikan oleh komputer mikro, dengan panel operasi PVC, sakelar membran, dan LCD, yang nyaman bagi pelanggan untuk beroperasi dan melihat data uji Primary Adhesive Tester (ChP) CZY-GY Labthink,



CZY-GY Primary Adhesive Tester (ChP) is designed according to adhesion test method of Chinese Pharmacopoeia and applicable to tack test of medical plasters and medical patches, etc.


  • The instrument is designed according to the inclined surface rolling ball method and can be used for tack determination of specimens
  • The steel balls of the instrument are designed according to national standards, which guarantees the accuracy of test data
  • The inclined angle of the instrument can be adjusted freely to meet customer’s requirements.

Test Principle

In the determination of tack by rolling-ball method, a steel ball is released at the top of an inclined surface, then allowed to accelerate down and roll on an adhesive tape on the inclined surface. Tack is determined by the maximum size of the steel ball which can be stopped by the adhesion of the adhesive specimen.

Test Standards

Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 (Adhesion Test Method), GB/T 4825


Basic Applications
Applicable to tack test of medical plasters and patches, etc.

Technical Specifications

Specifications CZY-GY (ChP)
Test Angle 0 ~ 45°
Panel Width 120 mm
Test Area Width 80 mm
Standard Steel Ball 1/32” ~ 2” (46 Steel Balls)
Instrument Dimension 580 mm (L)×150 mm (W)×180 mm (H)
Net Weight 6 kg

Note 1: The parameters in the table are measured by professional operator in Labthink laboratory according to relative requirements for laboratory standard conditions.
Note 2: The described product features, test standards and applications should be in line with Technical Specifications.


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