Digital Leeb Hardness Tester TIME®5310 Best-selling and Cost-effective

TIME5310 is an advanced digital Leeb hardness tester developed with advanced micro electronic technology. It is loaded with all the features for metal hardness testing, such as probe auto recognition, large memory, USB output, removable printer, software, etc


TIME5310 is an advanced digital Leeb hardness tester developed with advanced micro electronic technology. It is loaded with all the features for metal hardness testing, such as probe auto recognition, large memory, USB output, removable printer, software, etc. The improved display makes it is much easier to read the values. TIME5310 digital hardness meter is a must have for testing in the field or in the lab. By the way, there are newly designed probes for this hardness meter now.
New Probes for TIME5310 Digital Hardness Tester

New Probes for TIME5310 Digital Hardness Tester


● Advanced micro-electronic technology for wide range metal hardness test

● Simple menu, easy and convenient to use

● Conversion of common hardness scales (HL, HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA and HS) & conversion to Tensile Strength

● 7 types of optional impact devices, with auto recognition. Universal standard impact device D included.

● 2.8 inches TFT LCD screen, 240 X 320 dot Matrix, 262K color display with adjustable back-light showing all the important values and information

● Memory of 1000 groups of data

● Upper /lower limits setting and sound alarm

● Transfer to PC via USB in Word & Excel format , with Powerful PC Software included

● Indication for charge and life-long rechargeable Li battery without memory

● Removable printer optional and test values can be printed directly

● Built-in conversion table and HB value can be read directly if D/DC impact device installed



Measuring range (170-960)HLD
Tolerance and repeatability tolerance:
±6HLD (790±40HLD)
6HLD (790±40HLD)
Measuring direction 360 º
Hardness scale HL, HB, HRA,HRB, HRC,HV, HS
Display 2.8 inch TFT LCD screen,240 x 320 dot matrix,262K color display
Data storage 1000 groups of data
Upper and lower limits setting (170-960)HLD
Working voltage 3.7V
Charging time 6 hours
Power 12V/500mA
Continuous working time 20 hours
Interface USB2.0


Standard Delivery Optional Accessory
Main unit 1 Impact device: DC, D+15, C, G, DL
Impact device type D 1 Support rings
Test block HLD 1 Dataview
Small support ring 1
Charger 1
Cleaning brush 1
Thermal printer paper 1
TIME certificate 1
Warranty card 1
Hardness tester manual 1



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