Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester TIME6301

Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester TIME6301



  • Combination of the precise mechanical structure, high definition optical measuring system, CPU controlling test procedure and photoelectrical sensor technology for accurate result.
  • The LCD screen shows measuring method, test force, diagonal length of indentation, hardness value, dwell time and the times of measurement.
  • Presetting dwell time, Vickers or Knoop measuring method, light intensity, and easy operation with setting on the front penal
  • Automatic calculation of the hardness value after inputting the diagonal length and automatic loading and unloading technique
  • Equipped with hand turret for your convenience
  • Conform to GB/T4340, ISO6507, JIS B7725 and ASTME92 standards.


Standard Delivery  
Weights 6 pcs
Weight axis 1 pc
Cross testing table 1 pc
Platelet fixture 1 pc
Plane-holding fixture 1 pc
Filament fixture 1 pc
Screw drivers 2 pcs
Horizontal regulating screws 4 pcs
Level 1 pc
Power cable 1 pc
Repair fuses (1A) 2 pcs
10× digital micro eyepiece 1 pc
Vickers hardness blocks 2 pcs
The usage instruction manual 1 pc


Technical Specifications

Testing range


Test force


Max height of the specimen

100 mm

Distance between the center point
of the indenter and the exterior panel

98 mm

Test force application method

automatic loading and unloading

Amplification of the microscope

400×(for the measurement)

100×(for the observation)

Dwell time of the test force

0~60s (5 seconds as a unit)

Min graduation value of
the testing drum wheel



AC220V/110V, 50/60 Hz

Dimension (mm)


Weight (g)



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