EI-HN300 Portable Narcotics Detector


Product Introduction

EI-HN300 Narcotics Detector is based on advanced fluorescence technology, which can quickly and accurately detect drugs by wiping the surface of the object to be inspected.

Easy to operate, no professional training required.

Applicable to first-line anti-narcotics investigators.

Inspection rangeIt can detect more than ten kinds of drugs (stimulants) or precursor chemicals such as amphetamines, barbiturates, caffeines and ephedrines.Warm up time;≤ 10s
Collection methodWipeFalse alarm≤ 1%
AlarmAudible alarm, light alarm, wireless alarmScreen3.5 inch
Sensitivity≤ 10-10g(Ice poison)Weight≤ 0.85kg(Including battery)
Inspection time≤ 5sWorking time> 8 Hours
Clean time≤ 10sWorking EnvironmentTemperature: -20 ° C -55 ° C Humidity: ≤ 95% (no condensation)


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