FlexSmart Analog Module (2 channels) Sensor S-FS-CVIA

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The 12-bit FlexSmart Analog Input Module for use with the H22-001 Energy Logger handles two single-ended input channels with user-configurable ranges of 0 to 20mA DC or 0 to 20 V DC which is suitable for 2.5-, 5-, and 10-volt sensors. Field wiring is 2- or 3-wire via screw terminals.


Highlighted Features

  • 2 input channels of 0-20mA and/or 0-20 VDC
  • Provides 12V sensor excitation and user-configurable warm-up

In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this sensor support?

The S-FS-CVIA sensor supports the following measurements: 4-20mA, Air Velocity, Carbon Dioxide, Compressed Air Flow, DC Current, DC Voltage, Differential Pressure, Kilowatts (kW) and Volatile Organic Comp.

The country of origin for this product is the United States. To see the full specifications for this product, please see our product manual found under the documentation tab if available

Input channels: 2 single-ended
User-configurable ranges: 0-20mA, 0-20VDC (suitable for 2.5, 5, and 10V sensors)
Accuracy: ±0.25% FS over range selected from 50mV to FS
A/D accuracy: ±0.05%
A/D drift: 5 ppm/°C
Resolution: 12-bit
Excitation power: 12V DC @ up to 200mA switched, with up to 2-minute warm-up in 5 msec increments
Field wiring: 2- or 3-wire via screw terminals


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