Hardness Tester TIME®5106 with Impact Device G for Solid Components


TIME5106 dynamic type hardness tester is integrated with impact device G for testing solid components like heavy castings and forgings. It can perform hardness test in individual mode or in system mode.

● Impact device G for Solid components, e.g. heavy castings and forgings.

● Two work modes: either in Individual mode, or in System mode

● Testing materials, hardness scale, testing direction and measurement times can be chosen

● Conversion among 3 hardness scales: HLG,HB,HRB

● Automatic identification of impact test direction

● Review, delete current measured data & calculate the average values automatically

● Memory of 200 average values

● Transfer to PC via USB in Word & Excel format , with Powerful PC Software included

● Battery indicator with auto power off in low battery or 2 minutes without working


Impact device G type
Impact energy 90mJ
Work mode Used single or system mode
Display OLED screen, 128×64 dot matrix, brightness adjustable
Measuring range (200~750)HLG
Accuracy ±12HLG
Repeatability 12HLG
Measuring direction 360°
Hardness scales HLG、HB、HRB
Memory 200 average value
Interface USB
Data output Transfer data to PC
Operating voltage 3.3V
Operating temperature 0~40℃
Humidity ≤90%
Transmission distance 10 m
Dimensions (mm) 254 × 50 × 40
Weight (g) 310


Conversion Table of Hardness

Material Hardness scale Range
Steel and cast steel HB 90~646
HRB 47.7~99.9
Grey cast iron HB 92~326
Nodular cast iron HB 127~364
Cast aluminum alloys HB 32~168
HRB 23.8~85.5


Standard Delivery  
Main unit 1
Test block G 1
Mini USB cable 1
Charger 1
Cleaning brush 1
TIME certificate 1
Warranty card 1
Instruction manual 1


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