Headspace Gas Test and Data Processing System i-Process 6910

Tes Gas Headspace dan Sistem Pemrosesan Data i-Process 6910, Desain khusus membuat seluruh proses pengujian, termasuk penindikan sampel dan analisis gas, sepenuhnya otomatis


i-Process 6910 Headspace Gas Test and Data Processing System can provide accurate evaluation for the volume and proportion of O2 and CO2 in sealed packages to guide production and ensure shelf life.

Product Features


  • The sensors of O2 and CO2 are supplied by the world famous brands to ensure reliable overall product performance
  • Special design makes the whole testing process, including sample piercing and gas analyzing, completely automatic
  • Equipped with filtering mechanism to prevent powder content within specimen from blocking the instrument
  • Intelligent reminder for sensor calibration guarantees the safety of operation
  • Professional software can conduct statistics for instrument usage rate and test frequency, test result evaluation, and thorough display of test data
  • Dust or water proof structure makes it more suitable for on-site measurement
  • Equipped with barcode scanner and micro printer which is convenient for data input and transfer
  • The instrument utilizes embedded computer control system and supports ULab data processing software to provide easy operation of tests


Basic Applications
  • Seal Packaging Bags
    Test the volume and proportion of O2 and CO2 in head space of non-vacuum seal packaging bags of coffee, cheese, milk tea, milk powder, bread, bean powder, instant food and drugs
  • Packaging Containers
    Test the volume and proportion of O2 and CO2 in head space of packaging containers of coffee, milk powder, food, cheese, can, Tetra Pak and beverage (Underwater sampling set is needed)
Extended Applications
  • Ampoule Bottles
    Test the volume and proportion of O2 and CO2 in head space of ampoule bottles (Underwater sampling set is needed)

Technical Specifications

Items Specifications
Testable Gases O2, CO2
O2 Test Range 0 ~ 100%
O2 Test Accuracy 0 ~ 2%: ±0.3%
2% ~ 100%: ±0.5%
O2 Sensor Service Life >6 years
CO2 Test Range 0 ~ 100%
CO2 Test Accuracy ±0.5%
CO2 Sensor Service Life >15 years
Sampling Volume ≥12 mL (Standard Atmospheric Pressure)
Instrument Dimension 600 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 600 mm (H)
Power Supply 220VAC 50Hz
Net Weight 25 kg


Standard Configurations
Instrument, Professional Software, Sampling Probe, Filter, Sealing Pad, Wireless Data Interface, Micro-printer and Wireless Data Module
Optional Parts
Pedal Switch, Sampling Probe, Filter, Sealing Pad and Sampler for Rigid Packages, Underwater Sampling Set
ULab Data Management System for Packaging Testing:
Software (optional), Server (optional), WEX-01 Wireless Data Exchange Server (optional), WEX-02 Wireless Data Exchange Server (optional), High Gain Antenna (optional), Printer (optional)
Note: The devices above are optional and can be selected according to the quantity of the testing instruments. If only one testing instrument is purchased, one ULab system and one set of WEX-02 are needed.


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