KON-FK (B) Digital Display Crack Width Monitor

Used for real-time automatic measurement of crack width value on structure surface and long-term real-time monitoring of crack width value during the cracking process. The long-term real-time monitoring can be conducted unattended with the data interpreted and stored automatically.

The device consists of:
Consists of a host machine, a probe and signal wires, charging source, a U disk, a probe extension rod and a fixing device, etc


Technical characteristics:

  • Domestic initiative, with real-time detection and long-term monitoring
    functions of crack width values
  • Intelligent interpretation of diagonal cracks: cracks in the display screen are
    not required to be vertical during the automatic interpretation, diagonal cracks
    can be identified automatically, and also the true crack width values
    perpendicular to the diagonal direction can be interpreted accurately.
  • In addition to automatic interpretation, the crack width can be interpreted
    manually: move the cursor manually to define the crack boundaries, a scale is
    shown the display screen, and then the crack width is indicated; the crack
    image and the scale can be zoomed in and out moderately
  • The data and the image are stored automatically, and the U disk can export
    data and image, which also has check and deleting functions;
  • When carrying out long-term real-time monitoring of crack width values, the
    total time length of monitoring and sampling intervals can be set up
  • Easy operation: with two operating modes: touch screen and key-press
  • Powerful outside data analysis and processing software: interpret the crack
    images again, analyze and process crack data, export image files and EXCEL
    statements, and print images.


  • With figures displaying the crack width values directly
  • Measurement scope of crack width values: 0~10mm
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Estimable accuracy: 0.001mm
  • Enlargement factor: digital 60 times
  • With big storage capacity: can store images and width data of 100,000 crack measure points
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery: can work for 8 hours continuously
  • Operating temperature: -10℃~+50℃;
  • Volume of host machine: 45 mm×115 mm×190 mm Weight: 530g
  • Customized appearance design: the device can be held to measure the crack width values or mounted on the surface of the measured object; patent applied (patent application No.: 201030115872.5)


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