kWh Monitoring Kit – UX90 with WattNode Sensors KIT-UX90-KWH

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The HOBO kWh Monitoring Kit combines the convenience and affordability of Onset’s award-winning HOBO UX90 State/Pulse Data Logger with the power of industry-leading WattNode sensors.

As one of the industry’s lowest-cost kWh monitoring solutions, the kit gives energy engineers, auditors, building commissioners, and others a simple way to log electric usage and is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

With pricing starting at just $349, you can be up and recording data in no time at all. The kit, which can be custom-configured on Onset’s website, includes a HOBO UX90 State/Pulse data logger, WattNode kWh transducer, one or more current transducers, and voltage leads.


Highlighted Features

  • Flexibility to log up to 500,000 single or three phase measurements running 240 to 480 volts
  • LCD display to enable easy viewing of latest kWh readings
  • Priced significantly less than meter-based solutions
  • HOBOware Pro software (priced separately) for easy logger setup and scaling of kWh measurement data

In what environment does this kit operate?

This kit operates in an indoor environment.

What measurements does this kit support?

The KIT-UX90-KWH kit supports the following measurement: Kilowatt Hours (kWh)



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