Leak and Seal Strength Tester C660B Labthink

Jual Alat Uji Kekuatan Bocor dan Segel Botol Kaca, Botol Plastik, Plastik Kertas, Botol Logam, Isi Ulang Pena, Komponen Elektronik, Berbagai mode uji termasuk mode standar, vakum multi-grade dan methylthionine chloride


C660B Leak and Seal Strength Tester is professionally designed for the leakage tests of packages for food, drugs, medical instruments, household chemical products, cars, electronic components, stationeries and other industrial products. The instrument also can be used to test seal performance of specimens after falling and compression tests

Product FeaturesNote1

Multiple Test Modes & Intelligent Statistics of Qualified Specimens

  • Negative pressure method
  • Multiple test modes including standard, multi-grade vacuum and methylthionine chloride mode
  • Automatic test with traditional methylthionine chloride
  • Vacuum degree, test time and infiltration time can be adjusted and test parameters can be saved automatically so that the tests with same test parameters can be started quickly
  • Automatic constant pressure compensation ensures that the tests can be performed under preset vacuum conditions
  • Real-time display of test curves, easy to observe the test results
  • Automatic statistics of qualified specimens
  • Main components and parts are supplied by well-known global manufacturers, with guaranteed performance

Brand New Patented Intelligent Touch Operating System

  • Industrial grade touch screen, one-button operation, simplified operating interface, remote upgrade and maintenance
  • Chinese and English operating interface
  • Measurement unit conversion
  • Automatic data storage and power failure memory to prevent data loss
  • Storage up to 1200 test records (standard mode)
  • Multiple-level user management and login with password
  • Micro-printer and USB ports for data transmission (optional)
  • The instrument conforms to the requirements of GMP (optional)
  • Labthink’s unique DataShiledTM System for data management and connecting with information system (optional)

Test Principle

Firstly submerge the specimen in the water in the vacuum chamber, and then evacuate the vacuum chamber to form differential pressure between the inside and outside of specimen. The seal property can be obtained by observing the steady progression of bubbles from the specimen or observing how the specimen expands and restores to its original shape after vacuum release.

Test StandardNote1

ASTM D3078, GB/T 15171


Basic Applications
  • Glass Bottles, Pipes, Cans and Boxes
  • Plastic Bottles, Pipes, Cans and Boxes
  • Metal Bottles, Pipes, Cans and Boxes
  • Paper Plastic Composite Bags and Boxes
Extended Applications
  • Pen Refills
  • Electronic Components
  • Medical Instruments

Technical Specifications

Vacuum Degree0 ~ -90 KPa/ 0 ~ -13 psi
Accuracy±0.25% FS
Resolution0.1 KPa / 0.01 psi
Vacuum Chamber
Effective Sizes
Φ270 mm x 210 mm (H) (standard)
Φ360 mm x 585 mm (H) (optional)
Φ460 mm x 330 mm (H) (optional)
Note: customization is available for other sizes
Gas SupplyAir (outside of supply scope)
Gas Supply Pressure0.5 MPa ~ 0.7 Mpa (73psi ~ 101psi)
Instrument Dimension334 mm (L) x 230 mm (W) x 170 mm (H)
Power Supply220VAC±10% 50Hz / 120VAC±10% 60Hz
Net WeightInstrument: 6.5 kg Standard Vacuum Chamber: 9kg


Standard Configurations
Instrument, Standard Vacuum Chamber (Φ270 mm x 210 mm), Φ6 PU Tubing (1m)
Optional Parts
Micro Printer, Professional Software, Customized Vacuum Chamber, Air Compressor, GMP System, DataShieldTM Note3
1. The gas supply port of the instrument isΦ6 mm PU Tubing;
2. Customers need to prepare gas supply.

Note 1: The described test standard, applications and product features should be in line with Technical Specifications.
Note 2: The parameters in the table are measured by professional operators in Labthink laboratory under strictly controlled laboratory conditions.
Note 3: DataShieldTM provides safe and reliable data application support. Multiple Labthink instruments can share one single DataShieldTM system which can be configured as required.


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