Loadcell BM24R stainless steel ring torsion load cell, OIML approved (60kg-60t)

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Available Models BM24R

Technical Specification BM24R


  • Stainless steel IP68 low profile load cell
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Suitable for hopper, platform and pallet scales
  • Integrated static overload protection up to 13t

Available Models

Capacity Accuracy Full article description
60kg C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-60kg-3G
130kg C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-130kg-3G
250kg C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-250kg-3G
280kg C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-280kg-3G
500kg C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-500kg-3G
1t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-1t-3G
2t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-2t-6G
3.5t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-3.5t-6G
5t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-5t-6G
10t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-10t-15G
13t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-13t-15G
28t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-28t-15G
60t C3/C4/C5 BM24R-C3/C4/C5-60t-15G


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