Loadcell H3 nickel plated alloy steel S-type load cell, OIML approved (25kg-30t)

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Available Models H3

Technical Specifications H3


  • Nickel plated alloy steel IP67, “S” type load cell
  • Tension and compression applications
  • Suitable for hanging, hopper and
    other weighing devices
  • Also available in imperial capacities and dimensions

Available Models

Capacity Accuracy Full article description
25kg C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-25kg-3B
50kg C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-50kg-3B
100kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-100kg-3B
150kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-150kg-3B
200kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-200kg-3B
250kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-250kg-3B
300kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-300kg-3B
500kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-500kg-3B
600kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-600kg-3B
750kg C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-750kg-3B
1t C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-1t-3B
1.5t C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-1.5t-3B
2t C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-2t-6B
2.5t C3/C4 H3-C3/C4-2.5t-6B
3t C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-3t-6B
5t C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-5t-6B
7.5t C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-7.5t-6B
10t C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-10t-6B
15t C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-15t-6B
20t C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-20t-6B
30t C3 Excluded from OIML H3-C3-30t-6B


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