MM-U10 screen display material end face friction and wear testing machine

The test machine uses sliding friction method to evaluate the friction and wear properties of metals, engineering composites, powder metallurgy, alloy bearings and other materials under the specified test conditions. It can be tested in oil-free lubricant oil, oil lubricant and various parameters such as compounding, speed, friction mating material, surface roughness and hardness. It can measure the humidity and friction coefficient of the medium. The main parameters of each test (such as test force, friction force, rotation speed, test revolutions, humidity, etc.) are displayed on the control panel, and data is collected and processed by a computer.



  1. Maximum test force: 10kN ;
  2. Test force indication accuracy: ± 1%
  3. Spindle speed range: 100~2800r/min , stepless speed regulation;
  4. Spindle speed error: ± 10r/min
  5. Maximum friction: 500N
  6. Friction accuracy: maximum friction 20% or more ≤ ±2%
  7. Time setting: 1s~9999min
  8. Test revolution display and control range: 1~9999999
  9. Test machine dimensions ( length × width × height) (mm) 1200 × 870 × 1700
  10. Test machine quality: about 850kg




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