MM-U5G (10G) screen display material end face high temperature friction and wear testing machine

MM-U5G(10G) screen display material section high temperature friction and wear tester is a kind of end face sliding friction type, which applies high end face test force to the ring sample under oil-immersed lubrication and oil-free lubrication condition. Friction and wear properties of engineering composite materials, powder metallurgy, alloy bearings, etc., can be lubricated in oil-free lubricants at room temperature to 800 °C and change load, speed, friction mating materials, surface roughness, hardness, etc. The Venus test in various cases of parameters can measure the frictional temperature rise and friction coefficient of materials. Can be applied to the selection of friction pairing materials, research on the wear resistance of materials



Serial number Main technical specifications MM-U5G MM-U10G
1 Test force range 1 to 5kN 1 to 10kN
2 Test force accuracy ±1%
3 Spindle speed range (r/min) 100 to 2800 (infinitely adjustable)
4 Rotational measurement accuracy ±10 r/min
5 Maximum friction 500N
6 Friction accuracy Maximum friction 20% or more ≤ ±2%
7 Temperature measurement and control range Room temperature ~ 800 ° C
8 Temperature measurement and control accuracy ±3 °C
9 time setting 1S ~ 9999min
10 Dimensions (length × width × height) (mm ) 1200 × 870 × 1700
11 Using computer data acquisition, the screen displays the main parameters, and prints the test curve and report according to the experimental requirements.


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