MM-W1A vertical universal friction and wear testing machine

MM-W1A vertical universal friction and wear testing machine, its main purpose and function are similar to the US FALEX6# multi-purpose sample test machine (Multi-Specimen-Test Machine ), and with our company MM-W1 vertical universal The use of the friction and wear tester is basically the same.


The machine has a frictional form of rolling, sliding or sliding composite motion under a certain contact pressure. It has a stepless speed regulation system, which can be used to evaluate lubricants, metals, plastics, and coatings under extremely low speed or high speed conditions. Friction and wear properties of layers, rubber, ceramics, etc., such as low-speed pin plate (with large and small plates, single and three needles) friction function, four-ball long-term anti-wear performance and four-ball rolling contact fatigue, ball-bronze three-piece lubrication Performance, as well as tests for thrust washers, ball-disc and stick-slip properties.



Serial number Technical name Technical Parameters
1 Maximum test force ( kN ) 1
2 Test force measurement range 0.4%-100% of the maximum test force
3 Indication error below 200N (N) ≤ ±2
4 Relative error of indication value above 200N ≤ ±1%
5 Automatically maintain relative error of indication value when test force is long ≤ ±1% FN
6 Test force indication digital display device zero return error ≤ ±0.2% FN
7 Measuring the maximum friction torque (N·m) 2.5
8 Friction torque indication relative error ≤ ±2%
9 Friction load cell (N) 50
10 Friction arm distance (mm) 50
11 Friction torque indication digital display device zero return error ≤ ±0.2% FN
12 Continuously variable transmission system (r/min) 1 ~ 2000
13 Special deceleration system (r/min) 0.05 to 20
14 Spindle speed error above 100r/min Not more than ±5rpm
15 Spindle speed error below 100r/min Not more than ±1 rpm
16 Test medium Oil, water, mud, abrasives, etc.
17 Heater working range (°C) Room temperature ~ 260
18 Disc heating plate Φ65 , 220V , 250W
19 Nested heater Φ70×34 , 220V , 300W
20 Temperature measurement control accuracy (°C) ±2
twenty one Test machine spindle taper 1 : 7
twenty two Maximum distance between the test machine main shaft and the lower sub-disc (mm) ≥ 75
twenty three Test machine spindle control mode Manual control time control revolution control friction torque control
twenty four Test machine time display and control range 1s~9999s ( min )
25 Test machine revolution display and control range 0 to 9999999
26 Test machine main motor output maximum torque (N·m) 5
27 Test machine dimensions ( length ×width × height ) (mm) 600×682×1560
28 Testing machine quality (kg) About 450


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