Pulling Test

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At present, the most accepted method for evaluating the safety and stability of trees is the pulling test. It involves applying a bending load on the trunk via a cable attached to the tree. The method can be used either to assess the uprooting stability of the tree, or to establish the risk of trunk breakage.

Remark: there are overlaps among the equipments needed for DynaRoot and Pulling test. If you order both of them at the same time you can ask for a switchable Dual Elastometer Unit and High Precision Inclination and Deformation Recorders.


Make sure you follow all the safety instructions throughout the test!

  1. Attach the cable to the trunk in the crown of the tree, as high as possible.
  2. Choose an anchor point in the appropriate direction, about 10 to 15 m from the tree.
  3. Set up the winch and ropes according to the guide.
  4. Install the load cell.
  5. Install the inclinometer sensors.
  6. Install the extensiometer sensors.
  7. Connect all sensors to the central unit.
  8. Switch on the units, and press “Tara” on the load cell.
  9. Start the Pulling Test software.
  10. Start measurement by loading the cable slowly and evenly using the winch.


Pulling test – inclino

  • Inclinometer (1 or 2 pcs.)
  • Base plate with ball head
  • Battery box, 9V rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger
  • Central unit
  • Force meter and display
  • Serial cables connecting sensors and central unit
  • Software on CD
  • User’s manual
  • Pulling device (optional)

Pulling test – elasto (extension package)

  • 2 elastometers in quick mounting house
  • Dual elastometer box
  • Screw and screwdriver
  • Batteries and battery charger
  • Serial cables connecting dual elastometer box and central unit



Cable and winch
Cable length 20 m
Winch 1.6 or 3.2 metric ton
Load cell
Calibrated yes
Cable-mounted yes
Capacity 5 T
External display Rinstrum
Connection to central unit RS232
Sampling rate 1 Hz
Hex key 6mm
Powered by 4 AA size rechargeable batteries

Sensor ST-015
Measurement range ±2 degrees
Resolution 0.001 degree
Temperature compensated yes
Sampling rate 7 Hz
Power source 9V battery
Weather proof, IP65 yes, IP65

Dimensions 30x30x270 mm
Span 250 mm
Sampling rate 1 Hz
Resolution 0.3 μm
Power source  2 pcs. of 9 V batteries


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