Alat Uji Kayu Resonance Log Grader

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Future lumber characteristics depend on the quality of the log. Stress wave velocity is a good predictor of log quality, as it largely influences the dynamic MOE (calculated as the product of density and stress-wave velocity squared).

The Resonance Log Grader is a simple tool. It consists of a hammer and an Android phone or tablet with a specialised software. The user enters the length, then hits the end of the log. The accurate velocity appears on the screen and a grade is assigned based on the results.


  1. Set the length of the log.
  2. Hit the end of the log with a hammer.
  3. Read the calculated velocity and grade appearing on the screen.


Software only


Log length range 1-12 m
Accuracy of the frequency measurement ±2 Hz (depending on the actual android tool)


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