Segmented Pole

The portable segmented pole is an economic solution if you should measure at a maximum of 10 meters height. This pole is a great supplement for DynaRoot or DynaTree users or any other cases when wind measurements are needed. Note: the segmented pole can not be used alone.




    Regarding safety at least 3 people is needed to stand the pole.

  1. Put the alu tubes together. Let the pole lie on the ground.
  2. The anchoring spikes should be hammered to the ground in 120° from the base of the pole in about 5 m distance.
  3. Fix the ropes at the loops on the top end. Let the ropes be loose. (Fix the anemometer to the top end as well.)
  4. One person should stay at the bottom end of the pole and hold it while the second person should hold the rope which is opposite the pole. The third person should go to the top end of the pole.
  5. The person at the top end should lift the pole and while holding the pole should walk towards the bottom end.
  6. As the third person is walking the pole is held closer and closer to the bottom end, until it is about to stand up. During the same time the person holding the rope should pull the rope.
  7. When the pole stands the other two ropes should be fastened and the bottom of the pole should be fixed to the ground with nails as well.
  8. Measurements can begin.
  9. Lying the pole down is similar to standing it up, go through the step backwards. There should be at least 3 people.


  • 6 pieces alu tube (14kg)
  • 3 pieces 13 m ropes
  • 4 pieces 250-300 mm nails
  • 3 pieces anchoring spikes
  • hammer
  • case


Maximal height 10 m
Maximal loading capacity  2 kg
Maximum allowable wind speed  33 m/s
Wheatherproof  yes, IP65
Size  181x18x12,5 cm


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