Shield segment mechanical performance testing machine

The main function of the mechanical performance testing machine for shield segments is to test the static mechanical properties of shield segments with different material types and different geometrical dimensions. It is also possible to carry out mechanical tests on steel braces and steel arches in mine tunnels. It is an ideal device for testing the performance of shield segments, providing quality assurance for shield segments. The testing machine is distributed by a plurality of sets of hydraulic cylinders at a certain angle, and at the same time, a test force is applied to the test piece, and the application and maintenance of the test force are automatically controlled by a computer, and the test process is automatically controlled by a program. The force data of the segment is collected during the loading process by the multi-channel data acquisition instrument. Including three-ring integral test and single-ring plus axial load test, the test machine can be used in two test forms.



1. Number of loading cylinders: 36 .

2. The maximum test force of a single cylinder: the thrust is 2000kN , the test force accuracy is 1%, and the resolution is 1kN.

3, cylinder piston stroke: 500mm , displacement accuracy 0.5% FS. The resolution is 0.001mm.

4. Control channel: 36 . (41 in total, 5 control channels reserved)

5. System rated pressure: 25MPa .

6, hydraulic pump station flow: 12L / min , the number of 12 units.

7. Single pump station motor power: 3kW × 3. (total power 108kW)

8, load sensor technical indicators:

(1) Range: 2000kN ; partial resolution was 1kN;

(2) Accuracy: 0.5% FS;

(3) Nonlinearity: 0.05% FS ;

(4) Non-repetitive: 0.02% FS ;

(5) With temperature compensation function, the compensation range is -10 °C ~ +40 °C ;

(6) Anti-overload capability: 150% ;

9, displacement sensor technical indicators:

(1)    Effective stroke: 500mm ;

(2)    Resolution: 16 is D/A , 0.0015% ; (minimum 0.001mm )

(3)    Repeatability: 0.005% of full scale ;

(4)    Nonlinearity: 0.01% of full scale ;

10. The control system has multi-channel coordinated loading function, which has real-time acquisition and display of combined data of each channel or multi-channel, and has

Synchronously triggers peripheral acquisition system startup functions.



Tube specification Diameter (m ) Ring width (m ) Thickness (mm )
1 6 1 , 1.2 , 1.5 300, 350
2 6.2
3 10.5 1.8 500, 550
4 11.6 2 550
5 15 2 600, 650


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