Terascan-01 Terahertz Body Security Inspection System



Leading passive terahertz imaging technology for non-contact safety inspection of the human body. Terahertz is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between infrared and microwave. It has strong penetrability and can easily penetrate clothing. The human body generates such electromagnetic waves and radiates outward. The working principle of the terahertz security equipment is to passively receive the terahertz wave emitted by the human body, and after processing and conversion, form a two-dimensional terahertz intensity map of the human body.

When there is an object hidden in the clothing worn by the person, because the article absorbs and blocks the terahertz wave to a different extent, the intensity of the corresponding position between the object and the human body background in the two-dimensional intensity map is compared, thereby detecting the item. Exists and displays the shape of the item and its location on the display.


Terascan-01 Specification
Image processing time 2 s
Space Resolution 2cm
Power consumption 130W
Size 150cm x 60cm X95cm
Weight 150KG
Working Temperature 20 ℃-+40 ℃


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