Timbangan Analytical (Neraca Analytic) EXCELLENT AB-HZK-5103-510g/1mg

Timbangan Analytical, Analytical Balance, Neraca Analytic, Timbangan EXCELLENT,


EXCELLENT AB-HZK-5103-510g/1mg

Fitur ;

Spring magnetic sensor
Large LCD with back light
Selectable 17 unit weight
Over load protection, four level anti shock
Mode lock function
With temperature display
Numeric linearity calibration
Selectable weighing units
Build in Hook
Allocate the RS-232 interface / USB line

Specification ;
Power supply: AC 220V (± 10%) / 50 Hz
Reading Precision: 5103 (1mg)
Repeatability: 5103 (± 1mg)
Linearity: 5103 (± 3mg)
Ambient temperature: 20 oC ± 2.5 oC
Warm-up time: 80-120m
Pan size: 5103 (Ø128mm)
Shape size: 220(W) x 345(L) x 331(H)mm
Carton size: 520(W) x 390(L) x 530(H)mm


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