Alat Uji Kayu UltraSonic Timer FAKOPP

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Ultrasonic velocity is a basic parameter for the nondestructive evaluation of trees, seedlings, woods, veneers, wood panel products and concrete. Defect localization and material property determination is possible by measuring ultrasonic velocity. This equipment is designed for veneer and seedling tests.


  1. Connect the two pieso-electric transducers’ cables to the “probes” connectors of the timer.
  2. Couple the transducer to the sample. Poor coupling results in poor or incorrect result.
  3. Switch on the timer. Transit time in μs appears on the screen. The first readout after switch on is “0000”. This is normal.
  4. Please check 2-3 readouts. If the deviation between the readouts is not more than 1 μs, accept the data. Record the readout and change sample.


    • UltraSonic timer display unit
    • Sensors as specified by the user
    • Plastic case
    • 9V rechargeable battery and charger
    • User’s manual

Oscilloscope (optional)


Weight * 910 g
Dimensions: 297 x 106x 45 mm
Material of the case: Al
Timer frequency range: 15-300 kHz
Time resolution: 0.1 μs
Signal amplification: 1000x
Threshold level: 120 mV
Excitation pulse
frequency one in 2 sec
voltage 200 V
duration 60 μs
shape uni-polar, square
Powered by 9 V block battery
Power consumption
timer 70 mW
excitation unit 120 mW
Ultrasonic transducer frequency
with spike wave guide 90 kHz
with triangle wave guide 45 kHz
Operation and storage temperature  0-35 °C

*including batteries


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