VIA (Primary Analog Input Adapter Option for U30 systems) Sensor VIA

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Provides two channels of either 4-20 milliamp inputs or 0 to 20 VDC inputs and 12 volt excitation.


This option is chosen during U30 system configuration. Enables analog sensor input.

In what environment does this sensor operate?

This sensor operates in indoor and outdoor environments.

What measurements does this sensor support?

The VIA sensor supports the following measurements: 4-20mA, Air Velocity, Carbon Dioxide, Compressed Air Flow, DC Current, DC Voltage and Volatile Organic Comp.

Inputs: 2 channels – User configured as 0-20mA or 0-20VDC
Sensor Power: Switched 12 VDC, up to 50 mA: user-selectable warm-up from 5 milliseconds to 2 minutes
Scaling: Linear scaling to user units
Accuracy: +/- 0.25% full scale


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